The Senior Fine Arts exhibition presents the achievements of me graduating as an artists from the BFA Fine Arts program in the Rutgers University. The show is a culmination of the years of learning and experimentation across media, the exploration of social, political, and cultural issues, as well as personal inquiry. This is to preparetation for contemporary practice for a careers in the arts and arts related fields.

Senior Art Show 2018

Senior Art Show 2018


Escribiendo en Pergamino

Immigrants entering the U.S. as either Undocumented or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals known as DACA have handwritten on these parchment. They wanted to share their reason, experience, or thoughts anonymously to the public.      


Recuerdos y Experiencia Mural

Through actively listening and focusing to every immigrant that shared their memories of entering the U.S. There is commonality among their stories that should be shared. I have painted on raw canvas to express their emotional experience of their trials and tribulations of getting to the U.S.  

100_0046 copy.jpg


A personal conversation being recorded I wanted to share how my family arrive in this country. That jumped started my exploration on the topic of immigration. I recorded our conversation with a camera for the perspective for viewers are part taking this moment with everyone in this video.