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Francisco Pena an ordinary man that previously study Business Management in his first two years of his education. A life changing event derail his career path for one year that became a positive yet challenging new adventure. 


At first his intention was to become a business manager. One thing lead to another that was a series of unfortunate events that led to a fortunate path as a Graphic Designer. He wanted to express his ideas in multiple disciple through type, photography, motion, and fine art. 

With the new career path he found it to be exciting and stimulating he started to seek opportunity to create for others. It became a humble experience to work as a freelancer as it taught him that design can attract people. This was a illuminating moment because he knew that he wanted to help change the world throught design.

I am the only first generation in my family to achieve a higher education. Overcoming poverty, facing multi moments in my life of homelessness,  and other struggles. It taught me that perseverance and determination  is needed to succeed in the vast world of ours.